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Tank Wash

Tank Wash

Russell Logistics offer an internal tank wash service at our Coatbridge depot for all types of food-grade and chemical products.

Our tank wash provides complete pressurised tank washes that are effective at cleaning the toughest of substances, including oils, acids, alkalines, dairy, chocolate, and all types of food-grade and chemical products.

The tank wash provides thorough cleaning and sanitisation of the inside of tanker trailers, as well as rigid tanks. All entry and exit points are cleaned, including tanker parts like the tank outlet, hose tube covers, vent cap, dome cover, and pump inlet and outlet.


  • Hot Wash with options of detergent, blow dry and 1 or 2 shots of Kero
  • Paraffin boil including 2 shot kero & detergent with the option of blow dry
  • Cold rinse and hot wash with option of blow dry
  • Chocolate Cleans, Petrol Tanker Cleans, Steam Cleaning and Toxic Cleans

For more information please contact 01236 703 300 or email sales@johngrussell.co.uk