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Russell RailRoad Ltd

Russell Group are pleased to announce the successful acquisition of the Coatbridge Rail Terminal from Freightliner

Russell Rail QuoteLocated directly adjacent to the existing Russell Group Coatbridge operation in Scotland, the acquisition marks a significant milestone in our company's growth and expansion plan. It gives rise to a new trading entity, Russell RailRoad Limited, dedicated to driving innovative rail freight solutions and fostering stronger collaboration within the Group.

The expansion of Russell Group's operations will bring numerous benefits to stakeholders across the board. For employees, the growth of the company presents new career opportunities and avenues for professional development through the expansion of our operations and the diversification of services offered. Customers, meanwhile, will enjoy an enhanced logistics experience with the integration of multimodal solutions, improved connectivity, and faster delivery times. Additionally, the shift towards rail freight will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with Russell Group's commitment to achieve NetZero by 2040.

"This landmark move furthers our 45-year legacy in rail freight, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to expand eco-friendly and far-reaching solutions for our valued customers. We warmly welcome our new colleagues to embark on a journey of collective innovation, growth, and mutual success.” 

Russell Group Chairman, John G Russell

At Russell RailRoad, we're proud to be leaders in the rail freight industry, specialising in intermodal rail services, container haulage and storage. As members of Russell Group, we have been at the forefront of rail freight innovation for over 45 years. 

Situated on the Motherwell to Inverness mainline between Edinburgh and Glasgow, our Coatbridge terminal is positioned within a hub for intra-Scotland rail moves with close connections to Scottish exporters and Regional Distribution Centres. With a 2520 TEU capacity, our Coatbridge terminal is located on a 39.4-acre site where we house eight rail sidings with six rails under cranes. The site also has two rail areas, each with three rail sidings which are served by two overhead gantry cranes.

Russell RailRoad's tailored services and solutions include:
Intermodal Rail Services
Container Transport
Container Storage

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