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Health & Safety


As both an employer and a leading service provider, Russell Logistics fully understand our responsibility towards health and safety, training and the environment.

Health and Safety

A strong focus on health & safety and training has been fundamental in the development of our operations.

Russell Logistics ensures all of its employees are competent and trained for the tasks they are expected to undertake. Our employees are trained and assessed from a number of sources both in-house and via external professional bodies.


Russell Logistics recognise the vital role that all employees play in achieving our vision. Training and personal development are therefore viewed as crucial.

The company ensures all employees are trained in the requirements of their job and in the standards expected. The need for training will be identified by line managers, usually during the appraisal/personal development review process.

Training will be used to address identified skill shortages and may take various forms; such as on the job, off the job and shadowing.

There will be a mix of internal and external training providers delivering high quality training to further develop the existing skills of our employees in an ever changing operational environment.

Russell wish to retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce to consistently deliver value added logistics.


Russell Logistics plays a key role in the supply chain management of several major businesses and takes its environmental performance and responsibilities seriously. Our performance affects not only our success at meeting our own environmental commitments, but also plays an important part in helping our customers meet theirs.

As major users of motor vehicles and mechanical equipment that can effect the environment, we recognise the importance and therefore take all reasonable steps in order to mitigate any adverse effects. Conforming to existing legislation is a given however over the years, Russell has sought to excel with initiatives involving recycling, fuel reduction, alternative power sources, reduced road miles and empty running.


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