Generation Logistics (1)Russell Group sponsors new initiative to change perceptions and attract the next generation of logistics industry talent.

Russell Group is delighted to announce our support and participation in a brand new, Government-backed initiative that seeks to tackle some of the biggest issues that our sector faces.

Generation Logistics has been created not simply to attract fresh new talent into the sector, but to change the way the sector is perceived more broadly, challenging common misconceptions and misunderstandings as to what modern logistics actually is.

Those of us within the industry understand the depth, breadth and scope of opportunity within the sector. But to those who aren’t - and particularly the younger generations who are so crucial to the future health of the sector - ‘logistics’ is simply not a well understood term. To many, it means lorry driving. To others, it means absolutely nothing.

Of course, HGV drivers are crucial to logistics, and in fact they will be one of the recruitment areas Generation Logistics seeks to address, but the reality is that driving is just one (albeit important) cog in the mechanism of a truly multi-faceted sector. The problem is that that particular misunderstanding can be really reductive and damaging to the industry as a whole, especially when applied to people (of all backgrounds/ages/levels) who may be making career decisions on that narrow premise, and therefore not seeing how their specific skills and interests fit into the sector.

As an active part of the Generation Logistics campaign, we’re trying to confront that head on, highlighting the rich diversity of opportunities available, the huge array of skill sets required, and the creativity, ingenuity and ambition of the people needed to power our sector forward. Alongside Generation Logistics, we want to help educate a new generation to think and feel differently; to engage, intrigue and introduce people to career possibilities that they perhaps never knew existed - or never realised could be a viable option for them.

The bottom line is that in a post-Covid world that’s under increasing economic pressure for a multitude of disparate, globalised reasons, logistics has never been more important. And that’s why we see Generation Logistics’ mission as so crucial. We believe it could be a game-changing moment in terms of securing the future prosperity of our sector, and a compelling reason for the UK industry to come together for a common cause.

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