By investing in our employees, we invest in the growth of our organisation. As such, we strive to empower our staff to excel in their roles by investing in education, training, and the promotion of a positive work environment. We set out to do this by:

Enhancing Skillsets:

In an ever-changing industry, we invest in education and professional development programmes to equip our staff with the latest tools and techniques necessary to be successful in their roles. By empowering our staff through continuous education and career development, we ensure customers are provided with the most efficient and effective logistic solutions. As well as consistent driver training, some of the training courses our staff routinely complete are: First Line Manager Training, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Excel, International Computer Driving Licence and IOSH.

Building a Positive Health and Safety Culture:

Encouraging a positive health and safety culture is essential in ensuring that our employees come to a safe working environment each day and go home safe each night. Occupational health and safety are actively promoted across our sites through leadership and the provision of information, training, instruction, and supervision.

Our Health and Safety Department host annual Health and Safety Days across our sites to educate staff and bring awareness to specific health and safety issues. Our most recent Health and Safety Day was our “Stop for Safety” event at Hillington where employees enjoyed a mixture of classroom presentations and practical demonstrations on defibrillator awareness, transport risks and fire extinguisher operation (to read more about the day click here). In combination with these Health and Safety Days, employees are encouraged to attend First Aider and Mental Health First Aider training courses.

As well as educating our staff on the importance of working safely, Russell Group employees are openly encouraged to report all accidents, incidents, hazards and near misses, without fear of reprisal to ensure the root causes of accidents/incidents are identified thus enabling measures to be put in place to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Encouraging Employee Feedback:

Every month employees are encouraged to share suggestions on we can improve business operations and employee wellbeing. Listening to our employees’ thoughts and opinions creates space for us to learn how to streamline processes and curate a workplace environment that is welcoming and enjoyable for all. Ultimately, encouraging employee feedback helps us to learn from our employees on where we can make improvements to maintain a competitive edge in both the logistics and employment market.

Addressing Sustainability Challenges:

Sustainability is of high importance to us at Russell Group and our goal of being Net Zero by 2040 cannot be achieved without the help of our employees. Educating our workforce on sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint and waste is therefore an essential component of our sustainability strategy.

To conclude, our dedication to enhancing skillsets, building a positive health and safety culture, and encouraging employee feedback underscores our commitment to fostering a dynamic and thriving workplace. By investing in education and professional development, promoting a safe and healthy environment, and valuing the opinions and perspectives of our employees, we are able to continually improve our operations, deliver exceptional service to our clients, and cultivate a rewarding and fulfilling work environment for all.