Robert previously worked with Carntyne Transport, part of The Russell Group, as a driver, driver trainer and relief supervisor, gaining his LGV ADI to qualify as a LGV instructor enabling the teaching of Driver CPC classes. He left Carntyne to pursue another opportunity but soon returned to The Group, joining us as Russell training and compliance manager.

“Bringing new drivers into the company and giving newly qualified drivers an opportunity to start a career gives me huge job satisfaction.”

Let’s hear from Robert about his current role and being a Driver with Russell…

In the past I have trained unqualified drivers to DVSA test standard and given drivers who haven’t driven for a long-time a refresher course to give them the confidence to drive again. Through the training I have received, I have reasonable knowledge of vehicle technology and fuel-efficient driving techniques.

My main role is recruiting drivers for Coatbridge, Inverness and Daventry. I interview and give each driver a pre-employment driving assessment, following their success with these I give each driver a full induction on their first day. I also deliver DCPC training and have just completed writing a bespoke course for Russell drivers. I keep an eye on driver performance with our tracker and analytics system with a view to giving drivers fuel efficient training to improve fuel economy. Every month I look at driver infringements to try and keep the drivers legal and compliant, check weekly sheets are getting filled in properly and carry out spot checks on vehicles to make sure they are legal for the road. It’s a diverse and busy role that keeps me occupied.

I enjoy the variety of the role and have learned a lot during my 26 years as a driver, supervisor and trainer, continuing to learn every day. I like passing on my knowledge and helping drivers new and experienced in their everyday jobs. Bringing new drivers into the company and giving newly qualified drivers an opportunity to start a career gives me huge job satisfaction. During my CPC classes, the interaction is superb, I learn from drivers’ own experiences and having a laugh during classes is a definite bonus.

I respect what we do in Russell, and I would like to eventually see the Group deliver industry leading training to our drivers. The end goal would be to have the best drivers out there and for us to have a good reputation. Rolling training out to external companies in the future would be a bonus but I would like to concentrate on the internal staff first – I believe in walking before we start to run.

In my opinion Russell treats their drivers properly, the planners and supervisors have a good relationship with drivers and try to assist them as much as possible in their day-to-day jobs. It’s a good environment to work in, the pay is good and there is a variety of work that isn’t too demanding.