Learning at Work Week (LAW) is an annual event delivered by Campaign For Learning aimed at raising awareness about the importance and benefits of continual learning and development at work. This year’s theme, “Create the Future” looks to explore how continuous learning and upskilling at work can help us to create a future where we are capable of achieving our goals.

Supporting our employees in their personal and professional learning goals is important to us, so this year we will be focusing on the sub themes “Future Skills” and “Future Fit”, and our own theme “Future Team”.

Future Skills 

When talking about future skills, we are talking about what tools, techniques, knowledge, and skills will help us to achieve both our organisational goals and aspirations and the goals and aspirations of our employees.

Continuous learning therefore benefits our employees as continuously strengthening and developing existing skills while acquiring new skills and knowledge results in our employees becoming industry leaders who are confident in their abilities which in turn benefits the business overall, as our customers receive an innovative, modern, and quality service from highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals.

Ensuring our employees are equipped with the latest training is therefore hugely important and we are committed to investing in our employees through ongoing training and development programmes covering areas such as: in-house driver CPC training, management training, personal development, health and safety, customer service, team building, leadership, and mental health awareness.

Recently, Kyle and Scott, two of our Russell drivers completed a Green Band (S.A.F.E.D) instructor course with Transport Training Academy Manchester (TTA). This course is a prime example of how continuous learning equips our employees with tools, techniques, knowledge, and skills that benefit both employee and business. Indeed, as a result of this course Scott and Kyle are now qualified driving assessors and trainers and will be responsible for delivering ongoing annual driver assessments, pre-employment assessments and post-accident assessments as well as in-house fuel efficiency training which will cut down fuel costs and help us reach our environmental goals.

Kyle shared how this training has benefited him and the affect it will have on his future…

  “I found the course to be very useful. A few slight changes to our driving styles have a great benefit to not only the company, but ourselves too. If we were to transfer these skills to the way we drive our cars, not only would it be more efficient, but would make us safer drivers, just by applying the techniques we use at work.”

Due to the nature of logistics, many members of our team work in high-risk environments and so maintaining and updating health and safety training is essential. Recently staff from our Coatbridge and Cumbernauld sites successfully completed and passed The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH) Managing Safely Course, and a First Aid at Work Qualification. These courses contribute to improving and maintaining a positive safety awareness culture in Russell Group by further embedding health and safety awareness in the minds of our employees – keeping them and those around them safe from harm.

Staff across our offices and production sites also recently took part in a 5-day First Line Management course which aimed to prepare and enhance our employees with the skills needed for leadership and management roles through lessons in areas such as efficient communication, conflict management, motivating a team, and time management. There will be two more sets of the First Line Management training course later in the year as well as courses in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Excel, International Computer Driving Licence and IOSH.  

Future Fit

As well as ensuring our employees continue to be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel and progress at work, we also understand that continuous learning is equally as important in helping our employees achieve and maintain financial, mental and physical health as continued learning in a professional and personal capacity work in partnership to ensure our employees are not only excelling in their roles but are also working in a sustainable and healthy way – avoiding burnout and stress.

Indeed, learning opportunities in the workplace prove beneficial to the mental health of our employees as improving and updating skills and knowledge allows our employees to develop and progress their careers, improving confidence and self-esteem.

Some other ways we look to support our employees towards a healthy future is through our Wellbeing Centre which offers a range of tools, tips, and advice such as: healthy recipes, exercise videos, guided meditations, and financial advice, as well as free and confidential mental health support through our Employee Assistance Programme. This year we will also run Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness training courses. Through providing these tools and courses we encourage our employees to learn and develop their skills to shape a fit future that places personal wellbeing at the forefront.

Future Team

In a world that is subject to continuous change, making sure our teams are supported and are supporting each other professionally and personally is essential in ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to continue to flourish into the future.

As every day is different and presents new challenges, our teams across departments naturally learn and develop their skills in everyday operations. As such, we encourage our employees to share useful information and advice that has helped them both personally and professionally with their colleagues.

What does this mean for you?

Continuous learning has fantastic benefits across the organisation. Ensuring our employees have access to continuous learning opportunities encourages them to work towards creating a future where their personal and professional goals and aspirations are achieved.

Achieving professional aspirations arms our employees with increased self-esteem and the confidence and skills necessary to be industry leaders which benefits our customers as they receive a top-class service from our knowledgeable, innovative, and modern team.

If you’re interested in working for an organisation that considers continuous training and development essential for success, then browse our careers page here.

If you are already a part of the Russell Group team and are interested in further potential training opportunities, or any of the courses listed in this article then contact your line manager or HR for more information.